18 June 1992

This is the track listing of the Steve Mason Experience show presented on 18 June 1992

First hour

  • Zero B - Lock Up (Monolith Mix) [The E.P. (Brand New Mixes)], Discogs
  • Isotonik - Everywhere I Go (Fizzy Orange Mix) [The Isotonik E.P.], Discogs
  • High Givers - Love And Money (? Mix) [Love And Money (Remix)], Discogs
  • Soundsource - Take Me Up (Luv Dup Mix), Discogs

In the mix

  • X Sample - You Got The Love (Triba Mix), Discogs
  • Moby - Drop A Beat (Deep Mix), Discogs
  • D-Shake - Knight At Nite, Discogs

After the mix

  • E-Lustrious - Dance No More (The Not A Piano In Sight Mix), Discogs
  • Rhythm Eternity - Pink Champagne, Discogs

Second hour

  • Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Original Mix), Discogs
  • Messiah - Temple Of Dreams (Destroyer O.S.), Discogs
  • Holy Ghost Inc. - Nice One Boy!, Discogs
  • Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous! (? Mix), Discogs
  • Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel 12'' Mix), Discogs
  • Family Foundation - Xpress Yourself (Extended Vocal Mix), Discogs
  • Energizer - Touch The Energy (Hardhouse Mix), Discogs
  • Spooky - Don't Panic (Weird + Spooky Mix), Discogs
  • Pascal's Bongo Massive - Gettin' Started [Volumne II], Discogs
  • Urban Shakedown - Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix), Discogs

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