Bekannte Jingles

Kurz, lustig und unerhört gut - Jingles der Steve Mason Experience Show

Was die meisten von uns sicher mit der Steve Mason Experience Show verbinden sind die Jingles. Manfred hat auf Youtube alle Steve Mason Experience Jingles zusammengestellt.

Hier ist kleiner Auszug der bekanntesten Jingles:

  • I've got nothing on except BFBS.
  • The is the voice of experience ...
  • The experience hits you harder
  • So beautiful to sit by the sea
    listening to the sounds of the waves
    and the sounds of the Experience ringing through your mind
    letting the stones under your arse feel good
  • Steve Mason, you've been brought up today in front of this court, charged with playing Music at excessive Sound Levels! What do you plead? Guilty or not guilty?
    Hahaha, take him down!
  • Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,
    and welcome to the Experience time capsule.
    Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for time travel.
  • Rollin with the savior of your flavour
    Who is the greatest entertainer
    On this side of the equator
    And ain't talking about no maybe or no just
    It's the truth
    Steve "absolutely kickin like a big bad bull" Mason
  • Steve Mason's Experience
    is like a beautiful rainbow
    strung across my mind
  • Steve Mason hits you harder than a 20.000 ton bull
  • The Steve Mason Experience sounds better at high volume levels!
  • You've got to tune-in your thing that what you call your Radio,
    listen to the Steve Mason Show,
    you've got to Uh Ah, you've got to Uh Ah.
    I've got the vibe in my head,
    you better listen to what I've said,
    you've got to listen to BFBS.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I can't tell you how thrilled we are
    at your reception to the dancing.
    And now Steve Mason will play an old record from the vault.
  • I'm listening to the experience show
  • Absolutely sponditiously
    kicking like a big bad bull.
    Yours truly, Mister Mason.
  • Wherever you are
    Wherever you go
    It is always good to know
    That you freaked out furthest
    With the experience show
  • Sharp in the mix
    with all kind of tricks,
    my DJ is back like a sunny day,
    Mister Mason.
    Shake it down that way.
  • Oh my gosh,
    the music just turns me on
  • We sit and ponder the rise of the world
    dwarfed by its sheer complexity.
    It stands strong and bold.
    And then like a beautiful bird gliding on the sunset
    the experience fills my heart with action.
  • This is my passion
    this is my experience
  • I stand before you now
    surrounded in a cloud of hope
    and peace and calm
    and wild melodic charme
    of the passion which instills my lust
    the experience to my ears I trust

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