17 May 1997

This is the track listing of the Steve Mason Experience show presented on 17 May 1997

First hour

  • The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (12" Original), Discogs
  • 6th Sense Approach - Aquatic Invasion [Relax 2000], Discogs
  • Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Emmanuel Top Remix), Discogs
  • The Chemical Brothers - It Doesn't Matter [Dig Your Own Hole], Discogs
  • Weird Science - Please Wait (Idts), Discogs
  • Earl Grey - Back To My Roots (Dave Angel Remix), Discogs
  • DJ Angelo - The Letter [Full Moon Junction], Discogs
  • Steve Mason - Algo Rhythm, Discogs
  • Pitch Black - Gear, Discogs

Second hour

  • Sly Fidelity - California Dreams (Spooky Dub), Discogs
  • Kinki Roland - ? [Tales From The Farside], Discogs
  • Force Mass Motion - The Code, Discogs

In the mix

Billy Nasty - Lap One [Race Data E.T.A], Discogs

Hugs and love to the following helpful sources

  • Dietmar Schmidt