Why I am doing this? / Warum das Ganze hier?

The Steve Mason's Experience show on BFBS radio 1 was the show that introduced me to electronic music. Steve played new and mostly unknown tracks and shaped my music taste forever.

Die Steve Mason Experience show auf BFBS Radio 1 war mein Einstieg in die Welt der elektronischen Musik. Steve legt dort neue und meist unbekannte Tracks auf, die meinen Musikgeschmack nachhaltig geprägt haben.

Ever since 2010 I tried to rebuild my old record collection. Over the years most of my 90s techno records and CDs were either sold, lost or stolen. The Steve Mason Experience show was a perfect way to start when I was looking for forgotten gems of the 90s.

Seit dem Jahr 2010 hatte ich versucht meine alte Plattensammlung wieder aufzubauen. Im Laufe der Jahre war meine 90er Techno-Sammlung entweder verkauft, verloren und gestohlen. Als Inspiration für meine neue Sammlung nutzte ich die Steve Mason Experience Show Playlisten, weil sie viele Musikschätze behaltete.

I used pages like home.arcor.de/steve-mason/ and http://www.mixesdb.com to get track listings. But the former page was shut down early 2017 and the latter gets only minor updates. The Steve Mason Experience facebook group is also dormant. Youtube and mixcloud offer only a limited number of old Experience show recordings and recordings tend to disappear over time.

Ich nutzte Webseiten wie home.arcor.de/steve-mason/ und http://www.mixesdb.com um an Tracklisten zu kommen. Leider wurde erstere Seite Anfang 2017 komplett dicht gemacht und mixesdb.com hatte nur wenige Updates zu bieten. Die Steve Mason Experience Facebook group war quasi auch tot. Youtube und mixcloud hatten zwar einige wenige Aufzeichnung der Show im Angebot, aber die verschwinden dort auch von Zeit zu Zeit.

The fear that sooner or later those sources may vanish completely lead me to the decision to create a worthy archive. An archive that not only tries to get all information on one page but also enriches with discogs linking. Adding content to this page and comparing everything with discogs will take time. This archive will grow slowly but steadily.

Ich habe mir Sorgen gemacht, dass diese Seiten komplett verschwinden werden. Also entschloss ich mich für die Steve Mason Show angemessene Webseite zu erstellen. Dabei ist das Sammeln aus unterschiedlichen Quellen nur ein Teil dessen, was ich hier mache. Alle Tracks werden mit discogs abgeglichen und verlinkt. Dementsprechend wir das Archiv hier recht lansam aber sicher wachsen.

The Steve Mason Experience Show is music history

From the current day's perspective the Steve Mason Experience show is a piece of music history. It documents not only the taste of the host but also provides a clear timeline of the tracks played. Without radio shows there would be no clear timeline because there was no such thing as underground techno charts back in the 90s. Club charts - at least in Germany - were a thing of the late 90s but those charts could never represent the underground trends.

Steve Mason played electronic music without prejudics. Therefore we also have less know tracks, tracks that barely made it to a label or forever stayed on promo vinyl in many of those playlists listed here. Those tracks are part of the electronic music legacy and it is improtant that they are not forgotten.

Looking through the years of his show you can see the maturing of electronic music through the 90s. The show documents a time where everything seemed possible in Europe. Electronic music was fresh and genres were evolving. It documents the rise of the golden age of techno in Europe. And shortly after that golden age ended this show was cancelled.

While the 90s are over and will never come back this list of shows allows you to once again see how techno grew into EDM we know today. And you will be surprised how bold, innovative and fast techno used to be in the 90s.

The ritual put in context

For a long time in the 90s the Saturday night ritual was recording Steve Mason Experience or make sure someone else did it. You needed two 60 minute audio tapes for it. And those tapes would stack over time. On Monday mornings you could listen to the tracks at school and discuss them with friends.

In a world without internet his weekly show was the best way to know which new records we could expect.