7 May 1994

This is the track listing of the Steve Mason Experience show presented on 7 May 1994

First hour

  • The O.T. Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper), Discogs
  • Sonic Solution - Turbulence, Discogs
  • Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House [Trax I], Discogs
  • French Traxx - Red Zone [Vol. 2], Discogs

In the mix

  • Union Jack - Two Full Moons & A Trout (Caspar Pound Mix), Discogs
  • Moby - Hymn (Dirty Hypo), Discogs
  • Steve Mason Experience Movement - Wetbits [Let There Be Rhythm], Discogs
  • Dave Clarke - Zeno Xero [Red. 1 (of 3)], Discogs
  • English Muffin - The Blood Of An English Muffin (Carl Cox Remix) [The Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler], Discogs
  • DJ Meltron - Miracle One [Miracles], Discogs
  • DJ Bountyhunter - Big Blast [III], Discogs
  • Scott Free - My First Adventure (Art Of Fighting Mix), Discogs
  • The House Crew - Untitled [Super Hero (My Knight)], Discogs

Second hour

  • T.H.K. - France (Mars Mix), Discogs
  • State Of House - Desert Paradise [Atomize Rhythm], Discogs
  • The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance) (CJ Bolland’s Museum Mix), Discogs
  • Conquer - War Path [Ultimate Sampler E.P.], Discogs
  • Hiroshima - Self Mutilation [Self Immolation], Discogs
  • Euphonic State - Peaking Prophet (Omili Mix) [Philosophy Of Life E.P.], Discogs
  • Illuminatus 3 - Mystique (DJ Tom & Norman Remix) [The Remix EP], Discogs
  • Machines - In The Machine (GTO Remix) [The Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler], Discogs
  • Microwave Prince - I Need Your Love [II], Discogs
  • DJ Edge - Moog [Varispeed EP], Discogs

Big thank you for sources / Fettes Dankeschön für Quellen