I'd like to thank all those great people that support me on my way to build this page.

Some people are directly involved by sending me playlists or have created playlists in the past, others provide links to mixes and then there are those that spread the word.

  • Dietmar Schmidt for lots and lots of playlists
  • Discogs user "acorn92de" aka Karsten for lots of playlists, revisions on playlists and a constant supply of long lost shows
  • Carsten Pauer for preserving source material for lots and lots of playlists
  • mixesdb.com for lots of shows
  • EVOX-RADIO for a great youtube show collection
  • Ravers Merchandise for spreading the word
  • home.arcor.de/steve-mason/, has been taken offline early 2017

If you want to help, if you want to see this archive grow please use the new forum Steve Mason Experience Archive Forum.

You can also send me an email (German or English):
help (at) stevemasonexperience (dot) info